The Story Of Us – The Sassy Thread

As the mad hatter would say ‘Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop’  so that we shall do, and cover the story of The Sassy Thread so far!

As kids my sister and I used to cross stitch all the blooming time, with great big sheets of perforated plastic, plastic needles and threads of wool following simple patterns and often creating our own, the intricate A3 pages of designs were reserved for Mum. But our stitched creations of initialed bookmarks and houses for eggs (Don’t even ask) remain imprinted in my mind.

I left cross stitch in my childhood until very recently, when seeking a stress busting hobby which did not involve a screen, getting sweaty or talking with strangers! There has been a mad craze for colouring in as a super stress buster recently, I tried it, it wasn’t really for me, that was one thing to remain happily in childhood. And so I came to cross stitch.

Downloading a few sassy patterns I started to stitch, and instantly got hooked (Yeah you can expect a lot of terrible puns from us!) in no time at all I was completing designs and quickly moved onto creating my own patterns and buying more and more cross stitch equipment.

My First Pattern Design

I challenged myself to think of funny cross stitch ideas for friends and family and they quickly became my gift of choice. But as I ran out of occasions and my friends ran out of wall space, I didn’t want to stop stitching, and so I decided to take to Etsy (You can view our store here), and lay out all of my cross stitch for the world to see, and hopefully, maybe even buy!

Most of my stitching takes place on my narrow boat or in the field with my Shetland Pony (Pure rock and roll vibes right?). It’s the ultimate stress buster for me, and hopefully it raises a few smiles.

If you’re looking for intricate French Tapestry, don’t appreciate a tedious pun or are easily offended, The Sassy Thread isn’t for you, don’t say I didn’t warn you! But for funny, punny, sassy cross stitching you’re in the right place! I’m looking forward to blogging about all things cross stitch, and perhaps a little bit of none cross stitch to mix it up! I’d love for you to follow The Sassy Thread on this adventure!

Stay Sassy Sasspots!

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