Let’s Talk Typography – Typography Cross Stitch

Being the trendy young thing that I am I’m planning a cross stitched filled weekend, living life by the seat of my pants and all that! Only this weekend I’m planning a move away from the traditional Sassy designs!

Yes you lovely lot I know it’s our thang but we’re leaving the sass on the side and moving to a bit of typography cross stitch. Typography was actually the first pattern I made for myself, and I must admit I love it!

I’d been searching online for a small print for the boat (Space is tight so nothing huge would work) and fell for the ‘Stay A While’ prints. Only on reflection I decided I could do better than a generic print, let’s stitchtastic!

Plotting my original pattern took a while, I forgot entirely that I was a millennial and should of taken to google who would kindly of created the pattern from an image for me, and instead penned it out on plotting paper.


In the end I think it turned out rather well! Simple effective and different and it now takes pride of place on the boat. This weekend I’m attempting a different design so fingers crossed it goes as well as this one! Stay posted on this one and have a super weekend.

Stay Sassy Sasspots!



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