Stop The Press – How to Thread a Needle

Is this girl really going to write a blog on threading a needle … as her third blog when people barely know her! Yes folks yes she is. You see any of you cross stitch fans will know there isn’t a great deal of development in the cross stitch universe.

You might get excited to be working with an antique Aida fabric rather than a plain old white, or when DMC bring out a new thread colour. Cross stitch is awesome, but honestly it’s not really innovation central. So when I saw something crop up on social media about the easiest way to thread a needle, I had to stop and watch.

I’m a tad embarrassed to admit it now but previously I had threaded simply trying to poke the thread through the eye of the needle.


This video was life changing, prepare to be amazed and watch it here if you like!


Safe to say I was mesmerised and watched this a good three hundred times in awe. Life changing development for me folks! Consider this our public service of the year, you’re welcome my sassy friends.

Stay Sassy Sasspots!

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