Emma Bridgewater Decorating Experience – A Step Away From Cross Stitch

Hope you sasspots got the chance to enjoy some sunshine at the weekend, I had my favourite kind, a weekend filled with crafting! Whilst there was plenty of the obligatory cross stitch, I also branched out … into pottery. For Christmas I got my Nan an Emma Bridgewater Decorating Experience which we booked in for this weekend.


We visited the beautiful Emma Bridgewater Factory in Stoke-on-Trent where there is a specialised Decorating Studio. Once inside the lovely staff show you the ropes. You can pick from a range of Emma Bridgewater pottery designs, from mugs to plates and tea pots, vibrant colour paints and a stamp to suit every theme (So you don’t have to worry about being a free hand Van Gogh).

With a huge pot of tea delivered to the table we set about painting and stamping. There are handy colour guides on the table, showing you the colour the paint will be once fired, allowing you to quickly pick a colour pallette. There are then jug after jug of sponge stamps, from farm yard animals to pirates and flowers to dinosaurs, you would of struggled to want something they didn’t have.

Decorating itself is really rather simple, you paint your chosen colour onto your stamp and then stamp away, building up your design as you go. The best thing is should you go wrong it’s easily corrected, with the pottery version of an eraser. It’s completely novice friendly!

It was brilliant fun and I could of happily stayed and painted away all day. The staff were friendly and supportive but at the same point just leave you to crack on! The environment is beautifully rustic with tables all around you enjoying the same fun.


The result was a brilliant few hours, we’ll get our designs back in a week or so once they have been away to be kiln fired. I’ll be sure to share the results with you all! It genuinely was a great, reasonably priced morning of crafting, trying something new and fun for both of us. To find out more about the Decorating Experience take a look at the Emma Bridgewater Website, and stay tuned for the finished result!

Stay Sassy Sasspots!


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