For the love of books – Fun handmade bookmarks

To begin with, an apology, for being all quiet on the Insta/Facebook/Website front this week, it’s been a rather busy week with a new arrival to the Sassy Thread family. So first off introductions, give a warm welcome to Matilda, the Meghan Markel to my Prince Harry. Beans lost his field buddies recently, so we’ve been on the hunt for a new best friend for a while. Matilda is now happily settled in and we’re glad to say she is truly sasstastic. So our cross stitch pieces will now either be made snuggled up on the Narrow Boat or playing in the field with these balls of floof. We’re hoping the adorable faces excuses the radio silence.


It would seem a lot of our fans are wonderful book worms, our range of bookmarks have been flying out of the store quicker than we can stitch them! Which is just fab and we love to think of them bringing a bit of sass to book club! So with that in mind this weekend is going to involve an experiment.

We’re looking at a whole new bookmark design, a step away from your traditional bookmarks and something entirely sass filled and summer fit. We’re channeling watermelon and Mojito’s on the beach for this one and if it works we think they’ll look absolutely super.

We’ll also concentrate on restocking our other popular bookmarks so they’ll be back up in our etsy store in no time. We love feedback so if you have any favourite book and reading related quotes, or bookmark designs you’d love to see just pop us a comment and inspire us.

So sit tight book lovers, we’ll hopefully have an update on Tuesday with how the experiment went, and maybe even a new and truly unique design on our Etsy Store.

We hope you all have a sass filled long weekend, it’s set to be scorchio! Speak to you all on Tuesday.

Stay Sassy Sasspots!

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