Our Latest Bookmark Design – Handmade Page Holders

We hope you had a wonderful long weekend and the working week blues aren’t hitting too hard. Do you want to know what we discovered? Nothing motivates you to stitch less than wall to wall sunshine! As the last statement might suggest we didn’t get a great deal of cross stitch completed this weekend. However we did manage to finish the project we teased at last week.

We love our collection of bookmarks, and it seems like you do too, so whilst messing around for inspiration of new bookmarks to create it came to us. Like a tropical brainwave … watermelons! We appreciate it’s not a natural coupling but stick with us here. We thought why stick with the boring straight page dividers? Why not have a sasstastic, tropical, page holder?

After messing around with patterns, and a serious panic at the half way mark that our math was wrong and we’d stitched the incorrect sides together, we got there. We’re very pleased with the result if we say so ourselves (self love people!).



We’ve listed the item in our Etsy Store and we are working on new designs along these lines as we speak! Perfect for all you sassy bookworms.

Stay Sassy Sasspots!

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