Perfect Product Packaging?

Hope you Sasspots had a wonderful weekend! We’re feeling super motivated at the Sassy Ship this morning. So for our Monday morning, blues busting topic we decided to cover product packaging.

You know we spend almost as much time on the packaging of our products as we do in the stitching of them. Before launching The Sassy Thread on Etsy we carried out a lot of research into the perfect packaging combination, it’s something we’ve always been really passionate about and in our opinions your brand should carry through to every customer contact point.

‘Good packaging protects your product, great packaging protects your brand’ 

Said someone on Google once. But we couldn’t agree more, we toyed with different packaging methods for a long time before settling on our final protocol. Our main brand colour runs through the packaging, from the protective tissue paper to the mailing bags they are sent in. It’s important to us. We like our customers to feel special, and if that means an extra 50p on patterned cellophane, or thank you stickers, that’s fine by us.


We’ve all been there, ordering something fabulous online, waiting patiently for it’s arrival, only for the postman to hand you a tatty shipping bag with your precious purchase popped inside. Compared to receiving a bright package, which once opens you feel like you’re opening a birthday treat to yourself. Granted there is a time and a place for the first option and on occasion needs must.

For us we are grateful to each and ever customer for choosing to part with their hard earned money on something we have created, and if we can make them feel special when they receive their product all the better.

Before anyone starts to wonder we are not some huge mega corporation we do notice the difference from providing this additional packaging, both in cost and time. Equally we feel the extra thought and care shown in taking our brand across to our packaging sets us apart from those big corporations. Letting our customers feel as special and sassy as they are.

This week we also took receipt of our brand new thank you cards, which will also accompany each shipped order going forward. Sticking with the Sassy Thread design and sassy style we can’t wait to start handing these around and spreading the sassy word!


So Monday thoughts people, the perfect packaging? Functional or Brand enhancing?

Stay Sassy Sasspots!

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