The Wonderful World of Commissions

We’ve had a busy few weeks here at the Sassy Thread, our latest obsession is to combine two twines in opposing colours, it gives such a wonderful effect. You can see it really clearly in our latest Etsy Listing where bubblegum blue and pink are combined to maximum effect.


So while we have been busy replenishing our store stock we’ve also had a number of commissioned projects on the go. We LOVE commission projects, with a capital L. See when you are working away on your own creation you often get struck by a ‘Is it just me feeling’ will anyone else get our sassy feels, the anxiety is real sasspots.

Given this, there is something really rather magical about receiving a commission request email. It’s a chance for you to put your own sassy stamp on someones idea, working to create something special for their someone special. Of course there is still an element of anxiety, if not slightly raised, with the increased discussion that’s essential to a successful commission piece, you get to build a relationship with the client and what they think, of what you’ve done, with their vision, almost becomes more crucial.

We’ve been so lucky so far to have such wonderful commission clients, who we have worked alongside to create some real fun and quirky pieces. Our latest creation (Has now been received by the special someone, so it’s safe to be discussed!) was for a crazy bunny lady (self named). We get the impression it’s been approved by the end client, BonBon the Bun!

They’ve given out a scorcher of a week, and we have new products ready to hit the store so keep your eyes out!

Stay Sassy Sasspots!


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