Hen Party Craft Ideas

Happy Monday to you sunny sasspots! Today is a little bit exciting, believe it or not it’s not because it’s National Ainsette Day, oh no it’s because we finally get to talk to you all about a shed load of craft! This weekend was one of our closest and sassiest friends Hen Party, fear not we’re not about to delve into the gory details, but the occasion did see us crafting since January to ensure that every little touch was exactly as we wanted it.

[DISCLAIMER: This post is entirely cross stitch free! So if general craft, creativity and sass aren’t your biscuit turn away now!]

Goodie Bags

So where to begin?! Well lets start with the goodie bags! Before you begin to worry there was not a party popper in sight. Firstly the contents, we made a party bag for each of the attendees and of course a special one for the bride to be. The bag for each attendee contained:

  • A Bride Tribe Crown
  • A Pair Bride Tribe Glasses
  • A Hen Party Sash
  • A Hen Party Itinerary
  • A Personalised Champagne Flute

For the crowns, glasses and sashes we brought these in from Ginger Ray, who do such nice quirky occasion wear, of course with a hint of sass! We also ended up using this site for a lot of the decorations throughout the house so they are definitely worth checking out.

I mean look how cute these are! 

Each bag was filled with a hen party itinerary, which of course followed the look and feel of the Brides wedding invites. We are sticklers for consistency people! Along with this each attendee received a personalised champagne flute, we purchased vinyl stickers from a fellow Etsy Seller who offered a great service and allowed us to fully personalise the stickers, the end results were a real hit!



Finally for the bags themselves we wanted to keep it simple and clear. So armed with a basket full of simple kraft bags, from The Range, we got to work. Each bag had the attendees name hand lettered in our own writing, and were completed with a simple ribbon bow, we ended up purchasing a job lot of bows online, they are originally intended as childrens hair bows, with clips on the back, and this multi use element seemed to go down well!


Fun and Games 

Whats a Hen Party without fun and games!? In honesty the weekend was lovely and relaxed, but that didn’t stop us going to town on little touches throughout the house.

We created a simple Pimp Your Prosecco and Sweet Station, with literature which again followed the design of the Wedding Invitations.



Along with this we had a vase filled with plastic childrens rings, each attendee took a ring and whenever someone said ‘wedding’ you had the chance to steal their ‘bling’ with the winner at the end being the person with the most gems. For a sentimental, keep-sake we also created a Kisses for the Mrs Frame, complete with a choice of lipsticks and pens for the Hen Party guests to leave a kiss and a written wish to the Bride to Be, it was very easy to create with a beautiful frame and mount from Home Sense and our own hand lettering.


Of course what are games without prizes! We kept it simple but sassy, with miniature bottles of Prosecco which we covered in glitter, a simple but messy process! We used a glass glue on the bottles for the best finish.


The morning after

The morning after is surely as important as the night before? So we created a mini hangover kit for all attendees. These contained a bottle of water, plasters, mints, a cereal bar, pain killers and berocca. We placed these on each bed in arms reach for the mornings sore heads.



It’s been difficult to stay tight lipped on all this, especially with it taking up so much of our time, it’s a weird feeling knowing there is nothing to do on it now, so I guess it’s time for cross stitch to take back over our lives!

Stay Sassy Sasspots!



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