Welcome to The Sassy Thread!


We’re all about the Sass, what started as a fun hobby, that didn’t involve looking at a screen or talking to strangers, quickly escalated into filling the walls of friends and family with my sassy cross stitch designs. Once they ran out of space I figured it was time to bother other people with sass-tastic cross stitch creations!

We’re not about big intricate masterpieces, we’re about sassy fun, if you’re easily offended our designs will definitely not be your glass of gin.

We take our designs from pattern creation to lovingly stitched framed pieces, these normally come to being in one of two places, the cosy comfort of my narrow boat or in the field where my Shetland Pony grazes, yes folks it’s the rock and roll lifestyle for me!

Whether it’s A Sassy Thread design or a custom concept you have in mind drop us a message or view our every changing range of sass filled products on our etsy shop.

Stay Sassy Sasspots!